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Small but powerful

Josefine Ulbrich | March 09, 2015

Although 90% of businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa’s markets are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they do not play a significant role in current GDP growth...

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Creating jobs at the heart of economic policy

Annemarie van de Vijsel | March 05, 2015

The Broker's Employment debate showed that policies aimed at creating more and better jobs start with a change at the core of the financial markets.

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Territorial approach: A paradigm shift in policy making to fight hunger, poverty and inequality

Vito Cistulli | February 26, 2015

Income inequality is among the world’s most pressing issues, as highlighted in the recent Report of the United Nations Secretary-General on the Post-2015 Age...

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Practice, don’t preach: getting serious about inclusive development

Saskia Hollander, Rojan Bolling | February 25, 2015

Policies to promote inclusiveness often remain empty shells as existing power structures are unchallenged.

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Model or straitjacket? Doing context analysis on fragile or conflict-affected states

Rojan Bolling | January 19, 2015

Good context analysis is crucial for working in the complex contexts of fragile or conflict-affected states, are the frameworks guiding such analysis up to t...

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A sense of déjà vu: Illegal drugs in West Africa and the Sahel

Mabel Gonzales Bustelo | January 28, 2015

International drug markets are currently shifting production and transit of illegal substances to West Africa and the Sahel. An integrated international appr...

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Expert opinions

Youth unemployment in Mali: a magnet for criminals and terrorists

Marije Balt  | 23 April 2015

Addressing youth unemployment has become increasingly urgent in the face of a deteriorating security situation where criminal and radical groups have penetrated many parts of Mali.

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The Algiers process – a step towards lasting peace in Mali?

Morten Bøås  | 21 April 2015

After eight months of hard talks the Algiers process resulted in a ceasefire agreement and the final draft of a peace plan on 1 March.

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Theory of change: from targets to meaningful effects

Rojan Bolling Karlijn Muiderman  | 12 March 2015

How to base policies on dynamic context analysis.

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How to build peace locally?

Engaging with local non-state actors provides opportunities for peacebuilding, especially in places where the state is absent and solutions should be sought within communities.

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Religious actors in development: Time to fix our blind spot

Religious actors are often able to give structure when the other institutions of a state collapse. However, their role and impact in development cooperation and...

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The trouble with enterprise groups

Jacqueline Vrancken  | 21 January 2015

When it comes to enterprise support, there is a discrepancy between the frameworks offered by NGOs and how people in the communities want to operate.

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Living analysis

Sahel Watch: a living analysis of the conflict in Mali

Karlijn Muiderman | April 24, 2015

The conflict in Mali has its roots in history, but can also be seen as a product of current social, economic, ecological, political, security and geopolitica...

On the recent clashes in northern Mali

Karlijn Muiderman | March 10, 2015

Based on information from the media, as well as interviews with experts, including local sources who talked to us confidentially, The Broker has reconstructe...

Current dossiers

Sahel Watch

Sahel Watch

The conflict in Mali has its roots in history, but can also be seen as a product of current economic, ecological, political, security and geopolitical develo...

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Creating more and better jobs in a globalized world.

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UN-led worldwide consultations will determine the development agenda for international cooperation.

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