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A menu lacking in courage

Arne Bartelsman, Saskia Hollander | September 05, 2014

The report of the expert committee on development financing has missed an important opportunity to accomplish a breakthrough.

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Building inclusive societies in fragile states

Seth Kaplan | August 08, 2014

A major reason why less developed countries fail to develop is the structural exclusion of large segments of their population from their economic, social and...

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Calm before the storm?

With the presentation of the outcome document at the final session of the Open Working Group on sustainable development goals it is time to draw up the balan...

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Too big to succeed?

Arne Bartelsman | July 11, 2014

Middle-Income Countries are threatened to be left out of the post-2015 agenda, as their group size and heterogeneity make it difficult to find a common advoc...

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Corruption in the Northern Triangle: The siren song of crime

Ivan Briscoe | July 03, 2014

The end of the civil wars in the Northern Triangle countries has made way for stable democracies, but the governments of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and E...

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Expert opinions

The rise of finance undermines employment growth

Ken-Hou Lin  | 14 October 2014

The stagnation in labour demand in the US is linked to the rise of finance. Strategies to encourage long-term employment growth must be found in that direction too.

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Can "Massive Open Online Courses" help improve employability?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a new learning phenomenon in the world of higher education and digital technology. Especially for developing countries,...

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The Hong Kong protests as peaceful, gentle and determined

Valentina Mazzucato  | 08 October 2014

The recent protest in the city of Hong Kong from the viewpoint of Valentina Mazzucato

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Workers' organizations and SME-growth: A misrecognised link

Zjos Vlaminck  | 06 October 2014

While the roles of trade unionsand informal workers’ organizationsare little understood, these networks can play a significant role in stimulating SME growth on a micro, meso and macro level.

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The bumpy road to improve women entrepreneurship

Alia El Mahdi  | 07 October 2014

Egypt has invested in its female labour force since the 1960s. Yet women-led businesses remain rare. Alia El Mahdi provides insight into the underlying challenges...

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Inequality and the Middle Class

Breaking out of the development community

Evert-jan Quak  | 27 June 2014

The EADI conference has closed its doors. What the conference has shown us is that the debate on inequality and the rise of the middle class in developing countries...

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Renegotiating the social contract

Saskia Hollander  | 27 June 2014

Can global citizenship flourish in an era of increased competition between the middle classes in the North and the South?

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Development as building middle-class societies

Evert-jan Quak  | 27 June 2014

The Broker had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Birdsall, president of the Centre for Global Development, at the EADI conference. She has often asked herself who you call middle class?

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