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The Broker has a fresh, new website and visual identity

Kersti Wissenbach | March 14, 2014

The Broker launches its new visual identity and freshly redesigned website

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Editorial: Employment needs more than GDP growth

Frans Bieckmann | March 12, 2014

Labour is more than a mere input for economic growth.

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Clarifying the global employment trends

Welcome to The Broker’s dossier on employment with a broad overview of global employment issues.

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Governing the land rush in Africa

George C. Schoneveld | March 20, 2014

The rush for African farmland has created new opportunities for political and customary institutions to extract rents from hitherto poorly monetized land res...

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From stocktaking to negotiation

Saskia Hollander | March 05, 2014

So far has seen the friendly phase of the post-2015 process. In the coming months, however, diverging interests between high-, middle- and low-income countri...

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Expert opinions

From ‘black recession’ towards green growth

Béla Galgóczi  | 17 April 2014

More green investment can stimulate growth and employment in a crisis-ridden Europe, and reverse recent negative trends in the climate change mitigation progress.

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The labour market as a mechanism of social inclusion

Oscar Roberto Silva  | 11 April 2014

The following proposal is aimed at employment creation in the light of the alarming indices of labour market exclusion from which different parts of the world suffer.

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The risk of a jobless recovery in Southern Europe

Javier Andrés  | 31 March 2014

The key to avoiding the risk of a jobless recovery in Southern Europe lies in the combination of wage flexibility and human capital accumulation.

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Rural non-farm business in Africa: where are the jobs?

Paula Nagler Wim Naudé  | 31 March 2014

Although governments and development agencies see farming as an important engine for job creation, rural non-farm businesses do not seem to generate enough...

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Dividend or disaster: youth unemployment in Africa

Kate Meagher  | 26 March 2014

It is time for development economists to look beyond the stylized facts to the dire realities of Africa’s frustrated youth and burgeoning informal economies.

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Contribute to the debate on Employment

 | 12 March 2014

The Broker invites you to contribute to the debate on how more and better jobs can be created within our globalized world.

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