UN-led worldwide consultations will determine the development agenda for international cooperation.
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Introducing our 'Post- 2015' dossier

What will global development look like after 2015, when the United Nations Millenium Development Goals expire? The Broker’s dossier on the post-2015 debate guides you through the discussions on future development and provides an overview of the core issues at stake and the many actors and processes.

Editorial articles

From stocktaking to negotiation

Saskia Hollander | March 05, 2014

So far has seen the friendly phase of the post-2015 process. In the coming months, however, diverging interests between high-, middle- and low-income countri...

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An unfinished symphony

Saskia Hollander, Pearl Heinemans | September 27, 2013

As a highly fragmented UN debates the new global development agenda, the different perspectives and interests involved are bound to clash, making the entire...

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Highly ambitious or empty rhetoric?

Saskia Hollander | June 06, 2013

Although ambitious in terms of aims, the UN High Level Panel report is criticized for avoiding more difficult political issues like inequality.

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Editorial: History repeats itself. Or not?

Frans Bieckmann | May 08, 2013

At the end of the 1990s I wrote a lot about the alter-globalization movement. The movement really hit the headlines with the mass protests

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Navigating the post-2015 debate

Bertil Videt | May 08, 2013

The Broker guides you through the many discussions about development after UN's Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015.

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Expert opinions

A new global partnership for a people-centred and planet-sensitive post-2015 agenda

Amina J. Mohammed  | 08 April 2014

Since their adoption in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been the most successful global anti-poverty push in history.

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Shaping the architecture of global development cooperation

2014 will be an important milestone year for adapting the policy field of development cooperation to a post-2015 context.

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Light on Development

Henk Molenaar  | 03 February 2014

The post-MDG agenda should be based on an alternative theory of development, leading to a simple framework of only three complementary goals: reducing global...

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Post-2015: How to properly address biodiversity?

Safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem services is essential to meet the basic needs of the poor. But how to integrate them in the post-2015 development...

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Post-2015: shaping a global agenda

May 06, 2013

The discussions about a new global development agenda to supersede the MDGs will reach a climax in the coming months. The Broker invites you to join in the c...

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Latest updates

Below, The Broker will provide regular updates on the post-2015 process and highlight upcoming key post-2015 events and negotiations.

Latest updates on the post-2015 process

Saskia Hollander | April 10, 2014

Last week, the 10th session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals took place in New York.

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Our dossiers thoroughly examine selected topics and we frequently post discussion questions regarding them. We welcome your contributions to the discussions.

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